Open House Club Stuttgart

Last fall the Open House Club met for the first time, aroused by the idea of using a little house in the centre of Stuttgart to create a space, where people who had to flee their homes and people from Stuttgart could get in touch.

And there we were: we had our first Open House Club event and got to know each other. Everyone was a bit nervous (What if nobody was going to like the food? What if we couldn’t communicate? What if we were too different? What if this was not going to work out? And what will happen next? What are the expectations?). But all those worries were totally unnecessary. We talked until late in the night and we lost all our fear. It was the starting point for many more come-togethers, friendships, and projects. And so many more evenings followed, where we talked, we discussed, we sang, we cooked, we painted, we wrote, we explained, we laughed, we cried and where we hugged. We specially learned that this was the best way to reduce prejudices and to make our own experiences instead of believing what is told to us by others.

Meanwhile we are a group about 40 people from many different nations. Common interests like music, sports or cooking are a good basis for all kind of projects, like our music band, the running and the cooking group.

We are proud of being open minded and curious to see things with our own eyes.